Formalz, an extension of Lifestylez, was formed to satisfy the need to live life to its fullest. Individuals who work with Lifestylez will enjoy the security of true friendship, high values, as well as excellent business ethics. Lifestylez will always strive to deliver the highest quality product available and the greatest personal satisfaction to co-workers and customers. We believe that life is short and every moment should embrace the riches of life, the universe, all living things and the ability to enjoy them. 


Due to the deep connections and relationships that our team has formed within the travel industry over the past 20 years, our trips will save your chapter an incredible amount of money while also providing an efficient and exceptional experience for everyone involved. Due to our expertise and extensive network, we are able to provide the best deals on the market as well as book the best formal possible considering we are familiar with which hotels are college friendly. Additionally, we understand all the responsibilities that affect college students, which is why our team will handle all the details in order to provide a stress-free trip for you and your chapter. Essentially, we will do all the hard work for you, plan the The Ultimate Formal Experience, all while making you look like you did an amazing job.