Greek Formals and Event Planning in Austin

Your Greek formal is one of the biggest events of your year. So let us take your formal to the place where they do everything bigger and better: Austin, Texas.

Look, the academic stuff does a number on your brain and you deserve a chance to let it relax. When you’re the one that has to plan the formal, that’s no small feat. But we’re happy to take the weight off your shoulders. We’ll do all the work and get your formal weekend ready to go.

Your group can enjoy the ride while we get you down to Austin, with no worrying about booking your venue or organizing events.

We set it all up in one of our best premier venues, and do all the footwork on accommodations and catering. If you’ve never considered this city for your formal destination, now’s the time. We chose Austin, TX as one of our formal destination offerings because of the immense draw it has for college students and fun lovers alike.

We provide everything you need to make the most epic formal ever happen. You get to take advantage of our upscale event halls and venues while giving yourselves a much-deserved vacation weekend. Let us look after your Greek event planning!

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Austin Top Destination for Greek Life Formals

Austin, Texas is widely known as the live music capital of the world: you’re probably familiar with the many music festivals they host year round. And who doesn’t like music? This city gives you music hotspots that are absolutely legendary, and plenty of variety you never expected.

For foodies, you’ll think you’ve gone to heaven. And what’s a good Greek event without making some space for great barbeque? Bon Appetit named Austin, Texas for the world’s best barbeque. Trust us and you won’t regret getting some samples. It’s one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities and it gives you the big city buzz and culture to match.

Bring your formal to Austin, TX and you’ll never regret it. In fact, you’ll probably find your group clamoring to come back. They’ve got culture nailed in a fun and funky way.

Check out some of their dynamic street art and sample some local fare. When you’ve done that, take time to enjoy one of the biggest draws for Greek groups visiting Austin: sun, swim, and the best margaritas around.

Your group gets to take advantage of donning two kinds of suits, just don’t get them mixed up in the pre-formal celebrating. Any place that gives you the chance to celebrate with ultimate elegance at night then slips down water attractions during the day is a win. Which is exactly what this city is.

Austin, Texas has already been awarded for its epic offerings. It’s been named Biggest Boom Town and one of the World’s Greatest Places, among many other titles it can claim. College students find a haven with the energy and variety in Austin. It gives you all the essentials for a great Greek formal getaway: great food, music, local brews, sun and swim, upscale event hosting, and a nightlife scene that goes without compare.