Greek Formals and Event Planning in Colorado

It’s that time of the year again… and the pressure of planning your Greek formal event is starting to build up. After all, you need to make sure it’s perfect. There’s no way you can let down your fellow Greeks during the time of their lives. We understand that this can be difficult to cope with, and we want to help you. Leave your formal planning to us and all you have to worry about is picking out your outfit!

The city of Colorado has everything you’d need to carry out the best Greek formal your fraternity has ever seen. Regardless of what time of year you’re going, how many people will be attending, or how memorable (if you plan on it being memorable) you want to make this night for you, we’re set on making sure every wish is met.

Surrounded by mountains and some of the most beautiful sights the United States has to offer, Colorado can be everything from a ski-filled weekend to a summer event that no one remembers. With us, you’ll be provided everything you need turn your dream into a reality, including: accommodations, entertainment, venues, and security.

On top of all of this, we pride ourselves on giving you the best service possible for the lowest price we can manage. If need be, we’ll help you through booking travel to Colorado, as well as ensuring your event is filled with more food and drinks than you can handle.

When it comes to your formal event, your Greek family suddenly becomes our Greek family, and we’ll do everything we can to treat you like that. All you need to do is bring the hype.

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Colorado Top Destination for Greek Life Formals

While many see Colorado, CO as a place for skiers or outdoor enthusiasts, there’s so much more to the small city. As soon as you arrive in this small piece of paradise, you’ll enter a world that has unmatchable potential. It’ll be no surprise if everyone in your Greek family falls in love immediately. But the views aren’t where the true love will lie.

Colorado is home to numerous shopping stores and venues for you to hold your formal at, as well as over 10 nightclubs just waiting for the afterparty. College students are no strangers to Colorado; apart from the University of Colorado being right there, thousands of College students from all over the country come to explore the mountains and see what the city really has to offer.

Visiting in summer? Patios are opened all over town and just waiting for your business. When the sun sets, and day becomes night, the student ghettos burst into life as house parties become the go-to places before hitting the nightclubs.

Visiting in winter? Take time to visit the world-famous ski slopes that have challenges for even the most talented skiers. When things get tiring or too cold, there are numerous lodges open serving hot food and drinks… or alcohol if that’s what you like to go after following a long day of skiing.

Regardless of when you’re planning your formal event, you’ll be happy to know that Colorado always gets positive reviews from College fraternities all over the country. And, during the madness that is a College event, you’ll quickly find that Colorado works on the same idea as Vegas: what happens in Colorado, stays in Colorado.