Lake Havasu

Greek Formals and Event Planning in Lake Havasu

Juggling social lives, academics, and sports can quickly become hectic as everything starts to pile up. But what happens when it’s time to kick back and have fun? The Solution? Lake Havasu.

Located along the California-Arizona border, Lake Havasu is home to some of the best parties in the country. Being the go-to place for thousands of students a year during events like Spring Break, you’ll find a venue for any event, including Formals.

We understand that finding a good venue for your formal is tough. Will it be good? Will people like it? Is it cheap but good for the price? And we have a simple answer to these questions- yes. We focus on making sure that your event will be carried out as you wish.

When working with us, you won’t need to worry about anything - our staff will take care of your accommodations, entertainment, and security. Worried about how to get to Lake Havasu? You’ll be happy to know that our staff will take you through the travel booking process and ensure that all of your needs are met. This won’t only satisfy everyone from the President to the Treasurer, but everyone in your Greek family and more.

We are able to plan your dream trip for your group of any size. We can also custom plan a package just for your Greek family that includes medical and security personnel, transportation, lodging, entertainment and more.

If you choose Lake Havasu, Arizona, we ensure that you’ll be able to carry out your formal event as you wish, creating the best memories you can. You just need to bring the energy.

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Why Fraternities and Sorority Formals Love Lake Havasu

It’s no secret that you and your friends will fall in love with Lake Havasu the moment you step down in Arizona. The small city isn’t known to many, but this doesn’t take away any of the multiple attractions it has to explore.

Looking for that perfect outfit to wear to the formal event? Hit the shopping district and spend away. Pregaming? There’re more than enough bars to explore. Looking for an after party or somewhere to meet after your event? Over 10 nightclubs or party venues are waiting for you. Or maybe you’re just looking for a day on the beach? White sand, blue water, and palm trees are a short walk away. It’s a college student’s paradise.

This may seem too good to be true, but even the Police are onboard with the party lifestyle at Lake Havasu. In many interviews, the Police have confirmed that they enjoy the parties and encourage teenagers and fraternities alike to come see what the best Arizona has to offer is like.

In short, Lake Havasu, AZ is a paradise located between California and Arizona that is just waiting for you to explore. Engage us for your Lake Havasu formal planning today!