Greek Formals and Event Planning in Orlando

When it's time to get down to business and start the work of planning your Greek formals, nobody wants to disappoint their Greek family. Organizing an event like that for as many people can give you finals week flashbacks. So we'll make it easy: Orlando, FL. Yes, it's the theme park capital, and it's got plenty to offer. Plus, the nightlife is bursting to the seams.

We'll take care of organizing and event planning. You make sure everybody brings socks and a toothbrush. While you wait for the sun to go down, take advantage of the booming downtown district or the many amusement parks available.

Once you're done having your fun, we'll spirit your group away to one of our premier venues to enjoy your formal. We're experts at coordinating formals so naturally, our venues offer only the best. Your Greek family gets to celebrate together in extravagant style. You get a private venue perfectly tailored to impress.

When you plan with us, we do the work so you can do the play. We'll help you set up travel plans so you can get your group to Orlando without losing anyone. Let us help you choose the venue for your formal and schedule it for you and we'll take care of everything from accommodations to entertainment so you can max out your memories.

It's never been easier to be the one stuck with formal planning. And taking a travel weekend for your formal has never been simpler or less costly. Just let us know what your formal needs and it's as good as done. Bonus: we'll get you the best price possible, so don't worry about the treasurer holding a grudge.

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Why Fraternities and Sorority Formals Love Orlando

Greeks love Orlando, Florida. Don't scratch your head too much on that, it's not all Disney World. Yes, their amusement parks are top notch, but there's a lot more to Orlando than that.

Want to try your hand at zip lining? They've got it. Shopping while you soak up some sun? Absolutely! How about checking out one of their epic adventure tours? Hands down, it's got it all. And come sundown Orlando's downtown pops with activity. Watch the city buzz with activity while you await formal time. They've got the hottest nightlife and awesome clubs to trawl through.

When fraternities and sororities take a traveling formal, the weekend has got to pack a punch. Orlando gives Greeks all the variety you can pack in a weekend, and then some. If you can imagine wanting to do something, chances are Orlando has it.

When you're looking to do a little pregaming for your formal, check out the local breweries or take a vineyard tour. And really, what vacation weekend is complete without sun and swim? With beaches on hand, you can't go wrong (just be sure to pack your other suit too). There's a reason this city attracts fraternities and sororities from all over: Orlando, Florida has got everything!